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Resveratrol Wrinkles – Dr Oz and Dr Acai’s Anti Aging Double Whammy!

Resveratrol Wrinkles – Dr Oz and Dr Acai’s Anti Aging Double Whammy!

Ever since Dr Oz concluded his “Resveratrol Wrinkles Review” on the Oprah show, online sales have rocketed as this is the first time resveratrol supplements have been available they state at a fraction of the cost than before.

Now – Dr Acai – or also known as Dr Pericone has teamed up with Dr Oz to present what they argue is a revolutionary treatment for wrinkles and longevity.

These two anti-oxidants are extremely new to wrinkle treatment technology and the first has literally just been released onto the market this month.

Here this anti-oxidant is best known for its weight loss credentials, but skin experts have now manufactured this compound in to an anti-aging serum to help rebuild damaged tissue cells and eliminate wrinkle, manufacturers claim by up to 86%.

Known as Acai, this berry which contains the highest ORAC value of any plant type tested by scientists is now argued to repair skin tissue damaged by free-radicals in the form of collagen peptide technology.

Due to its rich anti-oxidant nature, Acai serums are able – Dr Pericone adds – to instruct the growth of collagen which is essential at supplying support structure to your facial tissue.

When collage levels of collagen are high, this is when your skin will become tight and firm, however when levels decline, the inevitable sagging begins.

What Acai is able to achieve experts add, is it’s ability to delve much further than most serums, repairing skin tarnished by free-radicals by instructing skin tissue rebirth through the delivery of collagen production.

When you combine however, both Acai anti-oxidants and Resveratrol anti-oxidants, this Dr Oz suggests will not only extend your longevity but have a double whammy effect on replenishing your facial wrinkles as Resveratrol also helps administer cell tissue rebirth through its ability to fight against the youth-stealing environmental toxins you’re exposed to everyday as Rezv is said to activate your longevity enzyme, helping to counter the effects of these free radical by shielding your system from oxidative cell damage and therefore speeding up cellular repair.

Having the ability to then apply what Dr Oz and Dr Acai describe as an Anti-Aging Double Whammy by offering structural rebirth of your facial wrinkles through Acai wrinkles anti-oxidants and resveratrol wrinkles anti-oxidants, you will be replenishing and rebuilding damaged cell tissue on TWO fronts!

If you would like a FREE TRIAL of either of these anti-aging face products which are currently taking the anti-aging cosmetic market “by storm”:

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