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Nootropic Review: CILTEP Long Term Potentiation + (Phosphatidylserine)

Nootropic Review: CILTEP Long Term Potentiation + (Phosphatidylserine)

Long Term Potentiation (C ILTEP) – Effects- Improved Long Term Memory with the Strongest Negatives Being Sleepy/Tiredness, which is why the third slot in the stack is a stimulant of some sort….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to “Nootropic Review: CILTEP Long Term Potentiation + (Phosphatidylserine)”

  1. Isaac Bowers says:
  2. fenotipobombay says:

    Hello dude, I have a question. I’m a quite anxious subject but don’t know
    if this is the case.
    I used first time sulbutiamine from mindnutrition, two consecutive days,
    and the only effects I could feel was just a total calmness, with a very
    tired mind, no concentration at all, slow responses, like I was on heavy
    drugs.. well, second time I used it for partying and also take a good
    amount of alcohol.. well 2 days after I keep experiencing this BAD TRIP
    from sulbutiamine, with very slow mind, slow responses, can’t focus on
    anything, I start saying something and then forget what I’m saying, or I
    start reading and than my mind fell like asleep..
    Can you suggest me a product that can “recover” me from this situation?
    That would be a great help. Thanks. 

  3. Justin Meyers says:

    LOVE Phosphatidylserine – helped SO much with anxiety – craziest dreams
    I’ve ever had. Helps with fitness recovery. Way too expensive at $40-50
    just for a 20 day supply. Nootropics Depot doesn’t sell… Only found one
    decent source but still too much $$$

  4. mrsme1234 says:

    and how do you know the supplements actually contain what they say?

  5. Joe Burton says:

    I’d rather decrease long term memory and increase short term memory. Have
    you got anything for that?
    Now, where the hell did I put my keys :-)

  6. huedoku says:

    would be cool to see how the color nootropic affects your play of
    heudoku… check it out.. and what was that nootropic?

  7. Phoenix Legend says:

    I’ve just ordered ciltep and also anxious for its arrival. Upon your
    explanation which is fundamentally relevant, I agree with the memory
    recall. I have been taking Phosphatidylserine for about 6 months and it has
    improve my cognitive faculty to some degree. I guess it really varies in
    other people in regards to their biochemistry. I probably will take the
    stack of PS and Ciltep as an experimental hypothesis. Another thing I would
    like to add is that I noticed how much you’ve reminded me of a person who
    is predominantly visual. I was keeping track of the your speech rate and
    eye patterns to evaluate your credibility on your research due body
    language analysis and that I am very impressed. Your pronounciation on the
    terms of Phosphatidylserine, Forskolin, Phenylalanine and even the name of
    the founder of Ciltep, Abelard Lindsay, was rather off and seemed to
    portray dyslexic speech patterns which was kind of funny in a good way. I
    had a challenging attempt to pronounce Phosphatidylserine myself and found
    that funny too. thanks for the helpful tips. ;) 

  8. Mike Barbera says:

    Can you take this with SSRIs?

  9. Jeoshua Collins says:

    Now, where have I heard about CILTEP being ADHDmimetic before? I wonder ;)

  10. Seok Lee says:

    Hey Isaac!
    you are wonderful guy and I really enjoyed your videos.

    I would love to hear you about what would be the best fluid intelligence??

    I tried PS and piracetam + choline, yet feel nothing.
    4.8g + 500mg per dose as you said in the

    any recommendation for stacks?

  11. RockstarGamining says:

    Weren’t enough annotations! We need more annotations!

  12. Theo shine says:

    you should try and do a review on mormon tea ephedra
    I drank some right now stacked with some guayusa

  13. sparxblade says:

    Did you ever end up trying the CILTEP+Phosphatidylserine combo?

  14. Ample Being says:

    GREAT review Isaac! If you would be interested we would love for you to
    review our Artichoke Extract + Forskolin stack. We think this would be
    perfect for your audience, we offer a 90 count bottle (45 day supply) for
    only $25.99 with FREE shipping. Check us out at http://www.amplebeing.com and
    contact us if you are interested!

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