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Forskolin Review Video for Weight Loss (Seen on Dr. Oz)


Forskolin Review Video for Weight Loss (Seen on Dr. Oz)

http://www.bestpricenutrition.com/enzymatic-treatment-coleus-forskohlii-50mg-60-capsules.html – In depth review of Forskolin. Find out what it is, the dosage a…
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25 Responses to “Forskolin Review Video for Weight Loss (Seen on Dr. Oz)”

  1. BestPriceNutrition.com says:

    @fkn16v He certainly has a tendency towards hyperbole, as we have stated in
    many vids on things he’s discussed one needs to consider the evidence and
    context rather than the hype.

  2. bearstearn3 says:

    cans you guys do a review on nimbus nutrition reform? contains forskolin
    and relora

  3. Wes B says:

    With any prescription vasodilator (Atenolol, Lisinipril, etc), the
    recommendation is to ween yourself off it a little at a time if you are
    going to stop using the product – is this true with this Forskolin? How
    long is the recommended time to take this product?

  4. Marquis Van De Mark says:

    The latest greatest

  5. Kathy Joslin says:

    I got so sick and nauseated. I got dizzy and blurred vision. 

  6. Tom Roan says:

    Great review Guys, Thank You!
    I don’t know if you’ve done any updates on this subject, but here is Dr.
    OZ’s recommendation for dosage with a link to his page. Dose: 125mg daily
    taken in the morning. BE SURE the label states that the product is
    “Standardized at 20%” or higher. Here’s the source…


  7. fkn16v says:

    If Dr Oz endorses it, its bound to fail.

    Ive tried 5 of his recommended supplements and nothing has worked as

    Investigate and dont buy in bulk. Its what they want you to do.

  8. DownInAHole82 says:

    A good dosage is 25mg of forskolin or forslean 2x a day. I’ve seen
    excellent results with this product. Stack it with a 500mg green tea
    extract 3x a day, Sesamin, and aceytl-l-carnitine at 3,000mg a day and the
    fat will start to melt off.

  9. BestPriceNutrition.com says:


  10. Ken Sherman says:

    great review

  11. Jennifer Holloway says:

    @BestPriceNutrition Thanks for responding. I asked because the forskolin I
    bought only has ‘guaranteed 3.85 mg of forskolin’ and since the brand you
    referenced has 10mg – I wanted to get that brand instead next time.

  12. 209kingofqueens says:

    Can it cause anxiety?????

  13. BestPriceNutrition.com says:

    not sure as you really should not fell anything from it, perhaps this
    particular product has caffeine or something added to it.

  14. BestPriceNutrition.com says:

    @MisterMannerisms much of the research on cissus quadrangularis has been on
    hemorrhoids and it’s ability to relieve pain most likely from the anti
    inflammatory effect. However the research is far from conclusive as more
    well designed studies in humans need to be done. Bottom line is the jury is
    still out. Hopefully it is the source of your pain relief. Hope this helps,
    thanks for watching.

  15. BestPriceNutrition.com says:

    It is likely a coincidence, you can take stims w/ it. It is used as an
    ingredient in some fat burners. Hope this helps.

  16. Alexander Boivin says:

    they dont even lift

  17. Keipherlc says:

    Can you stack this with another fat burner like OxyElite Pro?

  18. BestPriceNutrition.com says:

    not that we are aware of, it is an ingredient sometimes used in fat burners
    for it’s ability to lower BP.

  19. Hope Cochran says:

    I heard you say that it will darken the skin. well, I am african american
    and I am really thinking about using Forskolin. If I take it orally will it
    still darken my skin?

  20. BestPriceNutrition.com says:

    be sure to make sure you get a good extract at least standardized to 15% or
    you will need to take a lot of pills to reach the proper dose. Thank you
    for watching.

  21. Chad Rhoades says:

    Is forskolin a good product to use to bulk up and gain weight for football
    with proper weight training and dieting? Also is this safe to use while
    also taking creatine?

  22. HUGE banks says:

    At :56 did you say vagina? lol

  23. 3089280288 says:

    Walgreens doesn’t even sell this.

  24. MisterMannerisms says:

    I appreciate what you said about research of these herbs. Over the past few
    months I have been taking SuperCissus by USPlabs. My brother is a doctor
    and said he hardly could find any research on it. That being said, I take
    it and my arthritis issues go away! Whether from working out or playing the
    bass, my wrists get taxed. When I go off of it, within a few days…ouch! I
    know it is anecdotal but this product has done for me what Glucosamine is
    supposed to do, but never did. Any thoughts?

  25. Jesus Christ says:

    i totally misread the title…

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